The real situation of studying in the United States

The real situation of studying in the United States

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Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standards, studying abroad is no longer just a patent of rich people. More and more working families can afford to pay for their children to study abroad. It is not all that after studying at university, some people apply for undergraduate studies (also known as 申请本科), some apply for junior high school (also known as 申请初高中), and international students are getting younger and younger. It is not easy to apply, it is best to choose to find a study agent to help, they will evaluate and improve according to your own situation, in order to achieve a higher success rate. Not only that, after the application is successful, if you encounter special circumstances such as urgent transfer (also known as 紧急转学 ) or internship (also known as 找实习), or even opt application (also known as opt申请), you can also find a study agent to help, they will give professional advice.

Chinese students are generally excellent, but it is not that good performance in the country means good results abroad. Then not the undergraduate grades are good, and the research results can be good. In terms of academics, some people postpone graduation because of scientific research, especially those who have graduated from 7-8 years before they graduated. Some people think that studying in the United States is only for academic qualifications, and there is no interest in the subjects of study. Therefore, the study and study process will be quite uncomfortable. It is necessary to choose a suitable profession.

I believe that many people go abroad to study, more or less have a little school plot, non-Top50 can not, of course, this does not deny that a famous school can indeed bring you a lot of brilliance.

For studying in the United States, it is everyone’s wish to go to a good school. After spending so much money, I definitely want to go to a good school, but the glory of a famous school is accompanied by pressure. Especially for the United States to study, the postgraduate education in the United States is very strict, especially the identification of famous schools is even more stringent.

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