Focus on Your People

Focus on Your People

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The biggest slice of business productivity is attributed to people. Focus on people, both employees and customers. You will gain a huge business advantage over your competitors, who are busy with details and projects. No matter how important these details and projects are, they will certainly not have the same impact on your business as your people.

Naturally you have many tasks and plans that you have to deal with, possibly there is only you to handle these, no matter what, you cannot afford to ignore or neglect your in-store operations. Get this area working well and effectively – your success is almost a given.

As a business owner or retail manager, it is vital that you understand what your staff and management need to know and action to ensure your business success. These people are your ‘front line’, how well they do determines how successful you and your business will be. This gives your employees a huge amount of power, it is your responsibility to ensure that this power affects you and your business interests effectively and profitably.

Most retailers employ staff, provide some basic training, just enough to manage the basic job role and that is it. You can do this:

You can employ only those people who you have identified as having a better than average chance of success. Train them to be operationally competent with sales knowledge of your products and services. It is important to give them a sense of ownership and accountability in the job role. Your expectations of them, need to be clear understandable and agreed.

Provide the motivation to flourish and do well. Remember to provide reward for achievement of budgets, targets and goals. coach them well and encourage them to be the very best that they can be.

The second way is preferable and not rocket science to put into practice. Why do some many retailers struggle to get things right? It’s simple really, they don’t know how to. It is not enough to have a marvellous product or service at a great price. If you want your retail business to grow and prosper you need to ensure that your customers experiences are always of the best. Which will prove to be the most successful method to make sure they buy from you.

Work on giving a great in-store experience to your customers. A truly great in-store experience requires every individual who works in your business, not just your front line staff, to have a strong understanding of your vision in creating the ultimate customer experience. They must buy into your vision one hundred percent.

Finally – Ten little tips your staff need to avoid, these are the most common:

1. Failing to acknowledge the customer, with a simple greeting and a smile, if appropriate pass the time of day this creates a more relaxed frame of mind for the consumer.

2. Find out what the customer requires, do not assume.

3. Being to involved in their agenda and not the customers.

4. Not allowing the customer to voice their requests, too impatient or disinterested.

5. A confusion between telling and selling. Not listening or hearing what is being said by the customer.

6. Not being aware of the current promotions, any special offers or indeed regular pricing information.

7. Selling at top speed and trying to hurry the customer through the transaction.

8. Lacking the ability to respond to objections about the product/service, Know this and take the shortest route to successful customer purchase.

9. Ignore the ‘add-on’ sale directly after purchase, this is the prime time, the customer is ready.

10. Insufficient knowledge of the store/company/product/service, this information will allow staff to build a picture of additional value in the customers mind. Good Luck

Retail professional with a keen interest in helping the development of independent business by bringing the right people into the circle.

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